Welcome to Women's Concealed

Hey! Welcome to our website! I would like to tell you a bit about our site but first I would like to introduce ourselves to you. We are Ashley and Stephen, a father and daughter, team and partnership of our family owned business. You might be asking yourself, why concealed carry purses and handbags of all things to sell on the internet? We both have a passion for gun rights and women’s rights so it’s no coincidence on why we chose to go in this direction.

Concealed carry purses are something I had never heard of just a few years ago until I came across a stand at a gun show that displayed them. I was instantly interested because I love purses and so do most women but I had no idea just how convenient and perfect they were for women who like to carry handguns. So I told my dad about them and he thought it would be the perfect product to sell online because of the way the country has been headed, it is more important than ever for women to start thinking about carrying and that is why I see more women carrying guns for safety these days. It’s always better to be safe and these purses will make you feel more comfortable and safe, that is what I want for every woman who carries to feel when they purchase one of our purses. So we took the opportunity and decided to make these purses our main product along with other accessories of course!

These purses have a lot of nice features as well! Such as a convenient compartment just for your handgun making it much easier and faster to take out which is very important when it comes to safety. You don’t want to be digging around in your purse trying to get it out when a dangerous situation arrives. Having the gun in this separate compartment could save time and even your life! Also the gun is completely hidden in these compartments so no one could even tell that you are carrying which is also very important. Another thing I like about these purses are the styles that they come in! They literally make a style for every woman from simplistic, camouflage, western, and even trendy unique designs! You don’t have to carry to own one these purses because the hidden compartment could be used for other things as well!

Our goal is to sell quality concealed purses at the most reasonable price possible. We will be selling other items as well such as gun holsters and belts, accessories and self defense products such as pepper spray and tasers. We are also very open to any ideas, suggestions or comments you may have so go ahead and contact us and we would be more than happy to read them and take them into consideration.

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